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Tax breaks for The Rich
Mission Accomplished
Bin Laden: Dead or Alive Outing a CIA agent
We'll be greeted as liberators
With us or against us Firing U.S. Attorneys
Scooter Libby
An American embarrassment
Two unfinished wars Secret energy task force My Pet Goat
Put food on your family Misunderestimated Make the pie higher We do not torture
Q: What type of email is worse than spam & sent by friends?
A: Right-wing ravings that display their political psychosis.
Right-wingers mistake Fox News for news.
Bush voters think Jesus is an American.
After destroying America, conservatives
ignore their Pledge of Allegiance.
Unable to grasp complex concepts,
conservatives punt & hope for the best.
Conservatives would be more dangerous
if they knew what they were talking about.
Like Rednecks,
Wannabes bask in their own cluelessness.
What do Right Wing Nuts say when confronted with facts?  "FUCK YOU!" When Conservatives get their facts wrong
- as they commonly do - they do it with pride.
Conservatives love to push
their idiotic bumper stickers.
When Republicans can't support
their position, they dance.
Non-Christians = anti-American atheists.
... So there!
And Reagan was certainly no better
A Realtor tries to blame liberals
for the sins of conservatives
When all else fails,
righties pillory the President's wife.

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